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Melisa Heitzman is a thoughtful, methodical and excellent personal trainer. I had the privilege of working with Melisa both as a co-worker and as a client at Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women in Chestnut Hill, MA. Melisa has a very professional demeanor, holds a wealth of knowledge about anatomy and creates exercise programs that are precise, safe and effective.  Melisa's programs utilize her client's strengths and improves their weaknesses. She is passionate about her work and has a clear understanding of how to create fitness programs for clients with complicated physical ailments. It's her knowledge, professionalism and kind nature that make her stand out amongst other trainers. In addition, Melisa is personable and easy to like. I would not hesitate to hire Melisa; she is a trainer that gives results.  - EMILY M.

Certified Personal Trainer/NASM

Certified Cycling Instructor Mad Dogg Athletics

Certified Yoga Instructor/Yoga Alliance

I love to workout and work up a good sweat!  I do not feel like my day has started until I complete a workout. However, when left to my own devices I will just stick to what I feels comfortable, which is cardio on a treadmill or elliptical. This gets boring FAST!


The solution to this problem for me was personal training with Melisa Heitzman! I trained with Melisa twice a week (sometimes 3) for about two years. Never once did I find myself bored and looking at the clock! Each session with Melisa was challenging, fun, and extra sweaty! I looked forward to seeing what each workout would entail, strength, slide board, core, sprints, plyometrics, I loved it all! 


Melisa knows how to encourage you to exceed what you think you are capable of doing. I left each session with a sense of accomplishment and shaking muscles.  - KELLY K.

Melisa is easily the best thing to have happened to me as far as fitness is concerned. Not only has she helped me exceed my current goals, she has laid a foundation that I can take with me for the rest of my life. Melisa has given me the knowledge, tools, motivation and understanding for success. In my time with her as my trainer, she helped me transform my body in ways I didn’t know were possible—and results started almost immediately! She taught me that strength training didn’t mean bulking up, but actually made me leaner, tighter and more toned! I lost inches, pounds, fat, and gained so much confidence. As a trainer she is completely focused on me, tuned in to my body and its needs, an ear when I need it, positive beyond expectations, and a motivator and teacher always. In the end, I think the ultimate thing I can say about Melisa as a trainer is that even after she moved almost 2 hours away from me I would make the drive out to have her train me whenever I could. She’s just that good.   - VICTORIA U.

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